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It s all right here August upcoming joint venture vehicle summary

Carmakers like to say, in the last week of July, get together to launch 13 new models, made hard enough for the small series, are clustered in an article written two or three vehicles ... Then, come August, and which new cars to a listed company? In order not to let us how sliding screens sliding head feeling, we divided into two periods to write today to talk to everyone who was listed joint venture vehicle ~

Mazda xinatezi

Time to market: August 10 new car features: front tuning, interiors vary greatly, Edition 14 sale ^ _ ^ sale price: unknown

It's all right here! August upcoming joint venture vehicle summary

In fact, as early as 14 Los Angeles Auto show, after Edwin l. Artzt has unveiled a modified, it is not easy, for almost two years, the domestic version finally came out to childbirth ... From the official figure, the appearance of good and poor interior and overseas versions, under the front air intake grille and front bumper styling and cash are very different, the overall looks more aggressive. In addition, the Department LED standard with front/rear lights, LED fog lights and LED headlights during the day.

It's all right here! August upcoming joint venture vehicle summary

Edwin l. Artzt has been criticized by consumer "inside and outside", makes a big change in the Interior, console using the models like angkesaila suspension type screen, air conditioning and audio Panel has also changed the position and shape. Block added rear multimedia controls similar to the angkesaila area, cash is the most important model of the mechanical hand brake was changed to an electronic Handbrake! Has changed! Changed!

It's all right here! August upcoming joint venture vehicle summary

Vitality of the new cars will continue to carry cash on models 2.0L and 2.5L "create Chi blue sky" engine, including maximum power output is 158 horsepower and 192 horsepower, match 6-speed automatic gearbox.

Small series of two even with appearance, model and price advantage, Edwin l. Artzt is still can't sell. Before that Mazda is largely lost in the details, like Interior workmanship and design, rear leg space, and so on, not even a hood support Rod hydraulic, opens with a steel rod up and ... Isn't it... Cheapening did slightly ... It is no wonder that has best game no one played. But the facelift should be greatly increased the level of acceptance, such appearance, the interiors are you satisfied with it?

It's all right here! August upcoming joint venture vehicle summary

Mercedes-Benz e-class long wheel base version

Time to market: August 22 new car features: wheelbase more than 3 metres Interior upgrade; luxury fittings with no s-class pre-sale price: 45.55 million

It's all right here! August upcoming joint venture vehicle summary

Mercedes-Benz China-made E-class long wheel base version already preheated for a long time, the wheelbase 3079mm new cars compared to the overseas edition, an increase of 140mm, and of course the most eye-catching is a comprehensive upgrade of interiors, as well as the s-class luxury configuration did not have. As long as the Mercedes-Benz don't fare, other luxury car brands might be at the same level can only be silently eating soil ...

It's all right here! August upcoming joint venture vehicle summary

New car extended overseas the new e-class model, LED lamp group dropped the traditional four-eye design will look more polished. In addition, the rear design is a great feature, and lengthening of the c column and not the same models before, lengthened position mainly in the triangular window that together, privacy will be stronger in the back a little. The amount of ... This extension has some familiar ... Yes, and Maybach is identical to s-class ~ differs from other models made after the hard, elongated.

It's all right here! August upcoming joint venture vehicle summary It's all right here! August upcoming joint venture vehicle summary It's all right here! August upcoming joint venture vehicle summary

The Interior of the Mercedes-Benz luxury, which in addition to two 12.3-inch LCD screen in the car at the same level in addition to unique, is integrated into the Maybach the design language of the s-class. We couldn't China alone on the armrest in the back row of the LCD screen, 64 change in atmosphere lights are on the car, not to mention 37 degrees maximum adjustment rear seats, seat massage, derived from the s-class's head support pillow, Berlin sound of such a configuration.

Next-generation e-class long-axis version will be powered by 2.0T and 3.0T, 2.0T engine offers two different versions of dynamic adjustment, match 9-speed-automatic transmission. Meanwhile, in order to further reduce the price of entry, also provides a 1.6T power, that is a new generation of Chinese-made Mercedes-Benz e-class were all down to the Turbo camp.

Small series to say a few words before this large luxury car market is always the Audi A6 and BMW 5-series, Mercedes-Benz e-class is a bit awkward. This time around, the new e-class long wheel base version is "costumed RAID", again from the inside to the outside of the packaging. Selling points and gimmicks out there, and no replacement opponent to?

New Honda fit

Time to market: August new car features: two skylight models, ESP configuration, such as decentralized, essentially the same sale price: undetermined (estimates and cash difference)

New Honda fit in appearance, the power of change, still the 1.5L naturally aspirated engine, maximum 131 HP output. "Life" fit is mainly on the configuration of the minor upgrades, added two sunroof model, ESP configuration is also down, cash the fit is 7.38-112,800, new versions of the price is not expected to have too much float.

Small series of two "life" fit really have nothing to say, exterior, Interior, power is basically unchanged, the new fit is expected to be released until 2019, this long wait, Honda fit life, can only choose to increase allocation to reduce their fares.

The new Outlander Routine maintenance of the engines it is important

Time to market: August 26 new car features: original Mitsubishi Outlander--just domestic; renewal of previously imported version of the Outlander's design sale price: an estimated 150,000

Design of the new car continues the import version of the Outlander, is expected to be listed on August 26. Honestly, it really really really is the original Mitsubishi Outlander, but ... Domestic only.

Appearance and imported Outlander are basically the same, the basic shape of the tail and body lines do not change much. Headlight group is especially popular now "open eyes", the entire front face of the recognition is quite high.

Power, the new car will be powered by 2.0L and 2.4L engines, the biggest difference between 166 horsepower and 192 horsepower, with matching transmission system is a CVT transmission.

Small series of two photos obtained from Mitsubishi guard s-AWC drive system is not absent, but the AWD system on the import version is to appear on the hat to model the non-hat to pick up is just plain buggies at the right time. Edition cars costing $ 19.98-284,800 is made if you want to go after, most likely will bring the price down to over 150,000.

Jaguar XFL

Time to market: August 29 new car features: first China-made Jaguar cars, wheelbase exceeding 3 m sale price: an estimated 450,000

August luxury brands don't just look at the Mercedes-Benz e-class long wheel base, this month launched Jaguar XF to standard and XFL long wheelbase versions and even selling technique is like a little, apart from increasing length, mainly in the configuration for the upgrade.

Chery Jaguar XFL launched a total of 3 kinds of power, 5 configuration, 8 color, made after the XFL wheelbase more than 3 meters, long 140mm, surprising is its length and width more than BMW 5-series and Audi A6L, even more than the new Mercedes-Benz e-class long wheel base version to be released.

The XF interiors design and no longer remain the same style simple. In addition, all with standard bi-xenon headlights, leather seats, air quality sensing, 10-way power adjustable front seats, electrically adjustable steering wheel, panoramic sunroof, all traffic adaptive control systems and Meridian Audio.

On the dynamic, XFL follows the standard version equipped with Powertrain, tuned engine there are two versions of the 2.0T, Max output 200 HP and 240 horsepower, respectively. In addition, the XFL will pick up and F-TYPE the same 3.0T V6 supercharged engine, maximum output of 340 HP, 6 seconds per hundred kilometers ~

Small series of two XFL is the first Chinese-made Jaguar cars, Jaguar production have determined by Chery, XF standard wheelbase also will be introduced in imports. From the control point, good Jaguar, configuration of the upgrade are also not "BBA" worse, now the key is to see the final price will in good faith ~ this might be able to determine its final position.

Volkswagen du Ling GTS

Time to market: August new car features: carrying third-generation EA888 2.0L turbocharged engine sale price: less than 240,000

Ling Du currently models for sale include 1.4T and 1.8T two engines, and later ... Ling Du GTS equipped with the third-generation EA888 2.0L turbocharged engine turned, it has 220 horsepower, instant cengceng, also packed into the compact-class "steel gun" ~

The front face of the main front grille adds a red trim strips, used to highlight their high status.

Interior and Standard Edition are basically the same, is nothing more than a red thread, spool, shift levers make it more sporty.

Power, Ling du GTS powered is and seventh-generation Golf GTI made the same EA888 2.0T turbocharged engine, maximum output: 220 HP, peak torque of 350 nm. Matching transmission system is DQ380 with wet dual-clutch 7-speed transmission. Speed up 6.93 seconds per hundred kilometers, just 0.27 seconds slower than the Golf GTI.

Ling du, small series of two GTS ushered in the new darling of turned steel gun, can make up for the previous Ling du power slightly short. Its competitor is mainly and myself came out of the same door Golf GTI, sagitar GLI, but after all and sagitar GLI "cognate with different core" sagitar GLI is a bit wary of some ~~

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