Friday, January 22, 2016

Your heart rate monitor by wearable device talk about it

Your heart rate monitor by wearable device

  Nike smart bracelet to monitor inaccurate exercise suit has been settled, but this does not seem to be closer to the wearable device of the expectations and bone gap between a sense of reality. Indeed, many consumers buy use a week or two later simply "give up" on the extreme ways expressed dissatisfaction about some wearable devices.

  When in the worries of the industry, we have to accept the current rarely-wearable equipment is fully qualified in the true sense of objective reality. Of course, we should also be more dispassionately focuses on existing product technology, rational optimism to industry development, believed that hard starting does not affect its status as the carrier of Internet trends.

  Whose heart rate monitor is accurate?

  Look to the whole field of wearable device, we can see almost every wearable device equipped with recording all data associated with the human body functions such as sleep, heart rate, exercise and so on; seems to be missing this feature, do not face "wearable device" title. And currently supports most wearable device in the marketing mix is this feature. Of course this is understandable, because no data wearable device does not have any existing value. So here's the thing, a wearable device data, their data accurate?: do consumers believe their data is accurate?

  We take a set of experiments. With heart rate monitoring function of smart devices on the market, for example, on the question of whether their results are accurate, CNET Sharon Profis cardiologist Dr Jon Zaroff's help, select the Garmin VivoFit, Basis Carbon Steel, Withings Pulse O2, Samsung, Samsung Galaxy carrying fingertip sensor Gear Fit and S5 as test subjects, Conducted three static tests and three movement test.

  Results show that, in stationary conditions, five wearable device data are accurate, error rate is 10% around, but in a State of motion, in addition to the Garmin VivoFit and Galaxy S5 does amazing things, rest a few devices have suffered a greater degree of error.

Your heart rate monitor by wearable device

  Five smart wrist heart rate monitor error

  How measurements are obtained it? said wearable devices and specialized medical equipment for: professional medical environment using ECG machine uses electrodes or chest strap heart rate monitor heart rate sensors, these devices tend to operate large and complex, so it cannot be applied to smaller wearable devices. At present, most mobile device equipped with photoelectric sensor is a light reflection measurement of heart rate sensor, through the capillaries of LED lighting, monitoring blood flow to get the BPM (beats per minute). If you want to get a more accurate monitoring data, photoelectric heart rate sensor on the actual monitor environment requirements very high, meaning that users can't speak, can't move, can't sweat, so in the context of sports, the error is more likely.

  Garmin VivoFit and Galaxy S5 is can in movement situation Xia keep relative accurate of data records, former of reasons is it is chest with heart rate sensor, technology principle similar Yu ECG machine, and which despite principle Shang and hand ring consistent, but different of is phone measurement of location in fingertips, due to index finger fingertips exists a artery vascular, so it basically can and heart keep same of frequency.

Your heart rate monitor by wearable device

  Samsung S5 mobile phones equipped with photoelectric heart rate sensor Wearable by IDC underestimated how large the industry

  We can from this experiment in the summary out, wants to in movement of State Xia get accurate of heart rate data, can wear equipment of wearing location is important, that or in near heart of place, or in near fingertips of place, anyway cannot is wrist this place on on has, so this also on put currently all intelligent hand ring and watches class products heart rate monitoring of accuracy are to denied has. Of course, domestic production of medical device products business had a deeper understanding of this technology, such as the Beijing Lee on health manpower produced by the technology company's Lee Butler the wearable device, monitoring technology to achieve is the use of fingertip artery on heart rate monitoring.

  What about sleep?

  In addition to heart rate monitoring, there is a technology which concerns us, is the monitoring of sleep. For example, propaganda says the Jawbone to monitor deep sleep time UP bracelets, medical experts of their monitoring principles are also relevant to rejected. Monitor deep sleep functions, Jawbone UP principle is by activity monitor to track user perturbation of the sleeping time to determine its sleep state. Another sleep monitoring is achieved with reference to heart rate, due to changes in heart rate with our sleep-wake cycle will change accordingly, when we fall into a deep sleep, the heart rate will decrease, so we reference the sleeping heart rate monitors the quality of sleep.

  But the reality is that judgments of depth of sleep based on sleep EEG, EMG and ocular manifestations and characteristics of synthetic judgments, it is clear that Jawbone UP monitoring bracelet is not scientific, it concluded that the data are not reliable. According to the heart rate monitor, due to the current low heart rate sensor accuracy of wearable devices, their credibility needs to be considered, and if heart rate data for the reference of the sleep-wake cycle can only be, as long as we do not suffer from insomnia, sleep to sleep through the night is OK, not too concerned about the so-called monitoring results.

  Wrote to here, we can answered beginning of that problem has, that who of monitoring data is accurate of? professional level of medical equipment relative is accurate of, or for professional athletes training of specific environment Xia of equipment is accurate of, but anyway also cannot said currently those no after medical certification of can wear equipment Shang of data is accurate of, or is close Yu real world of, especially intelligent watches and intelligent hand ring class products. In fact, we can see it in all kinds of wearable device advertising, enterprise is the problem of trying to avoid the accurate data, for them, they used this as a gimmick to attract consumers, but they have to grasp properly, not that there is no room.

  For example, FuelBand in the campaign to tell consumers is that this device can measure the four types of data: time, calories count, number of steps and NikeFuel energy, but does not say that these data are absolutely accurate as "accurate" is a relative concept, and even professional medical equipment still are going to be some errors. Put it this way is that, these data are not completely useless, if you feel so inclined, they can also be used as a reference, you can roughly determine a trend based on these data, increasing understanding of their own, try to make yourself more scientifically adjust your life, and so on.

  How to face the monitor "allowed"

  Relative to the current medical-grade monitoring products, in product form more miniaturized smart watches, bracelets are more or less has some gaps, currently there are also some focus on health monitoring of intelligent watches on the monitor as much as medical-grade monitoring products. But in terms of current health-monitoring product, its monitoring of "accuracy" is a relative concept, and not all believed to reflect real conditions of the human body. Similarly, wearable devices, with the passage of time, continuous improvement of industry chain technology, algorithm technical amendments, the accumulation of experience, whether based in watches, bracelets, clothes, such as any form of wear such equipment, the monitoring data will be kept close to the body's physiological state.

  For businesses, we need to be objective in the face of the current stage of the development process, from the user perspective on their core monitoring and is passed through the marketing of mature technologies to consumers. For some in the process of development of technology, perhaps we need to take a "conservative" approach, in the form of an additional feature, clearly inform consumers in the marketing process to function only as a reference.

  For consumers, we need greater tolerance to new technology, wearable device this revolutionary product technologies in particular, in the build from 0 to 1, and from 1 to n of evolution will take time. We're standing in today's sophisticated electronic equipment view wearable device, may have a variety of imperfections, but if you stand in the entire Internet of things era trend perspective, the current wearable in times of draught, is the speed of development beyond the PC, the Smartphone has evolved.

  No matter how controversial, wearable devices, it will grow from babies to teens, and mature, and scientific and technological progress will eventually benefit humankind.